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A BOOK is your best marketing tool ever when the contents are designed to do your marketing for you. Francine Tone's #1 Bestselling Book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know is the best marketing tool for lawyers as it sets expectations and helps turn good clients into champion clients who do your marketing for you by bringing back their business and referring their business associates, family and friends. 

You too can have such a book, without spending the time you think is involved. We have solutions for the busy attorney.  Contact us to find the perfect solution.

How Your Book Grows Clients
  • Our clients are the #1 best source for new clients

  • Better than SEO for attracting more clients

  • Better than any business card -  never thrown away

  • Improves our time managment

  • Reduce distractions - less phone calls from clients

  • Have more freedom - we get more done faster

  • Get paid - happy clients pay faster without dispute

  • Easily manage client expectations

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About Us

Francine Tone has been practicing law since 1989 and has not spent a dime on advertising, SEO or other marketing strategies. Instead, she has relied on her champion clients to be the resource for future business. And it has worked.

She finally put what she's been telling clients that turned ordinary clients into champion clients into a book. Even though her firm's clients already had the information, they were thrilled to get the book and read it. Her clients are even greater champions now.

We offer a DONE FOR YOU book similar to Francine Tone's #1 Bestseller to help lawyers like you create the best marketing tool ever made available to lawyers. 100% Ethical. Designed to build trust.

Francine Tone is the managing partner of Tone & Tone Attorneys at Law in California. She has been practicing for nearly 30 years, the past 20 as a certified appellate law specialist. Her book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know is a #1 bestseller and contains the information that she and her firm have been giving her clients for 30 years and she does not spend a dime on traditional marketing and advertising.

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